Why family day care?

  • The family day care difference

    Find out why this is a great child care choice
  • Family day care is education and care provided by someone in their own home. Just like long day care, only better.

    It’s better because your child will be cared for in a family like environment, by only one person helping them to form lasting and meaningful bonds. Just like they do with mum, dad or that special person.

    Not only will your child receive the best care possible, they will love it!

  • They’re qualified (or studying) to educate your child through play and working within the National Quality Standard and Early Years Learning Framework, just like long day care.

    Your child will also be cared for in small groups, like they would at home. This could mean fewer sick days and your child forming close, meaningful bonds with their educator.

    Contact us to find out how family day care can be the perfect fit for you and your child.

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