What to expect

  • In family day care, your child is learning and growing in a nurturing, family like home-based environment

  • An educator shares a typical day at her family day care and what makes it special.

    Our days starts early and children come in at different times. There aren’t a lot of children as I can only have four little children or three kids that go to school at the same time. 

    We have our own greetings and settling in routines.  Ollie likes to knock three times on my front door. Sometimes I ask for a password which he loves! Our mornings are flexible around what the children like to do are comfortable doing. We often eat our morning tea under the jacaranda tree in my back yard. 

    Learning happens naturally throughout the day. It could be the caterpillar the children spot in my vege garden, a chat over lunch or reading a favourite book. Sometimes we’ll talk  about our hello song or someone will learn how to do something new. I always make sure the kids help each other out. We often go out in our suburb and have new and exciting and  adventures! The kids can’t stop talking about it for days!

    My family day care is my home. The children are part of my extended family, and their families are part of my village. I love having them here. They feel like they belong. They have close relationships with my family and the other family day care kids I care for.

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  • We make sure every child goes home happy, healthy and safe

  • We ensure every educator’s home has:
    • an environment where children and their families feel they are welcome
    • a safe area for outdoor play or easy access to outdoor play areas
    • an area for children to play in groups, as well as an area for quiet play
    • a place for children to sleep
    • safe, sturdy indoor and outdoor equipment that is suitable for the ages of the children and meets required standards
    • appropriate resources to support children’s learning
    • adhered to strict safety and hygiene requirements
  • We also ensure our educators:
    • hold the appropriate qualifications or be actively working towards becoming qualified
    • ensure they are providing quality and individualised learning programs for your child
    • can help your children in the event of an emergency and maintain the appropriate training in first aid and CPR
    • hold and maintain a Blue Card to ensure they are cleared to work with children
    • have public liability insurance
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