• Our Enhance educator is amazing! Our son had no trouble settling in, and I can tell he enjoys his days at her place! He comes home with lots of drawings and paintings, a full belly and is well rested. I love hearing how he’s spent his day. We feel very lucky that we have Sarah to look after him, and will continue sending him to her for as long as we can.

    • Our educator, Lesa is very experienced and handles our son very well. She keeps us well informed by texts on his progress throughout the day. Our son has now settled in well and is starting to develop a deep bond with Lesa. We’re very satisfied with the care and support from both Enhance and Lesa.

    • I could not be happier with our Enhance educator, Janet. I trust her with our son’s diabetic care and she’s shown that she understands his needs. It means that while I’m at work I don’t have to worry and that means the world to me. Our son is very happy. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing high quality, home care.

    • Family day care is great. It’s home based and I feel that it’s safer for my children. They get personalised care and teaching because of the smaller group and best of all it was cheaper than expected.

    • I love family day care! I find that my son gets the personal attention all children crave and gets astoundingly less colds and flus than many other children that go to day care centres. He also socialises with children of different ages because he is not stuck in a group of children his own age.

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